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Reliance Home Care & Nellies Homecare

Providing you with services that matter the most with  Love & Understanding




From grocery shopping to ventilator dependent care, our REGISTERED NURSES, LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSES and NURSING ASSISTANTS bring you not only professional and expert capabilities but also that element that often makes the difference in patients' response.

نگهداری از سالمندان 

نگهداری از سالمندان جزو خدمات پایه ای می باشد که در آن برخلاف خدامت پرستاری از سالمندان و مراقبت از سالمندان فرد توانایی انجام خدمات پزشکی را ندارد و می تواند در کنار سالمند شما به انجام امور روزانه مانند نظافت ، یاد آوری زمان مصرف دارو ، تغذیه و ... بپردازد .
نگهدار سلامند باید شخصی مطمئن ، مهربان ، دلسوز ، با شفقت و یا به زبان ساده تر همدم و همدل سالمند باشد زیرا که بسیاری از سالمندان در دوران سالخوردگی نیازمند مراقبت های روحی و روانی مخصوص به خود می باشند و به واسطه سنی که در آن قرار دارند احساس تنهایی و کم توانی و بی اعتنایی می کنند و نیازمند اعضای خانواده می باشند. از آنجایی که فرزندان ، خود دارای  زندگی شخصی هستند  و یا کاملا نمی توانند وقت خود را در اختیار سالمندانشان قرار دهند پس به افرادی نیاز دارند که علاوه بر اعتماد به آن ها ، سالمند خود را با خیال آسوده به دستشان بسپارند .در چنین شرایطی ما با توجه به ویژگی های شخصی سالمندانتان نیرو های فیلتر شده ی خود که آموزش های  لازمه را دیده اند ، معرفی می کنیم .


We can help you  live your life to the fullest, without being weighed down by its obstacles



Contact us with any questions about your situation.                                We are glad to help!

Reliance & Nellies Home Care Review

"I wanted to express our appreciation for excellent service, care, and understanding that you provided while our mother was your client.

The Reliance Home Care were uniformly excellent. They demonstrated this in how they cared for her and were truly caring and concerned for her well being. The caregivers were professional, skilled, understanding and sympathetic. They not only helped her through her last days but also assisted the family with their concern and advice.

I also wanted to thank Robert and Mark for the time they spent on the phone with us. Both of them were very patient and understanding. Their advice was very much appreciated."



The great American philosopher, Henry David Thoreau said it best: “Our lives are frittered away by detail…Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.” Simplicity is the ease with which one completes a task or understands a matter or problem. I often develop an overwhelming feeling that we make some things so complex that the true outcome becomes clouded. I believe this to be true of aging as well.

Who has heard the story of the elderly woman who has a minor fall and the next thing you know the family and social workers have descended? They come in, well-intentioned, removing throw rugs, making suggestions that the woman no longer use stairs, questioning her capacity to manage finances, or her ability to drive an automobile, and inevitably, beginning to talk about her need to live in an assisted living facility.

برای مراقب سالمند نیاز به مشاوره دارید؟

پس همین حالا با شماره تلفن‌های پایین برای ارتباط مستقیم با مشاوران تماس بگیرید
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